Decorative Mirrors and Organic Wood Decor

Dulci is a playfully organic mix of both decorative mirror and wood decor. It projects a feeling of vitality and nature, a new form of green energy oriented interior design which is both refreshing for the home and promotes health and optimism in the office. Foregrounding the decorative wooden pattern while combining the intricacies of mirrored decor, the design is always fresh, and inviting.

home decorative mirror

Detail of the Decorative Mirror and Wood Interior Design Idea

home decorative mirror

Modern Decorative Mirror & Wood Art in Hotel Setting

Decorative wall mounted or hanging screens are the future of interior design ideas. They are simple, elegant, and cost effect; a perfect way of accessorizing both modern and contemporary interiors.

home decorative mirror

Wooden Screen Decor in a Corporate Office Waiting Area

The Dulci interior design idea also works well stand alone without its mirrored counterpart as a simple, yet elegant decorative divider for rooms as well as wall mounted decorative art to add three dimensional punch to any interior.

home decorative mirror

Close-Up Detail of Mirrored Screen Decor

home decorative mirror

Used as a Wood Decor Home Decoration Accessory

home decorative mirror

Wall Hung Decorative Wood Panel in a Home Setting

The Maximum single size of this decorative wood piece is 4 feet by 8 feet. However, larger pieces can be achieved by joining multiple panels together through puzzle-like, or seamed connections.

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Decorative Mirror and Wood Screen

Whether in a home, hotel, or any other custom designer interior application, our innovative Dulci interior design idea introduces both designer sophistication and the depth of architectural beauty to every space.

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