Mirror / ICE / SNOW Leaf Decor

Supernu is a very simple, elegant and versatile interior design. Its application varies from home wall decoration, room dividing, door screens, ceiling mounted light defusion, as well as retail counter fronts, change room seperators, hotel hospitality decor for both lobby and suite, you name it.

decorative ice wall mount interior

Decorative Leaf Pattern in Artsigns ICE

decorative interior mirror

Decorative Leaf Pattern ICE Divider in Condo Sales Center

mirror decorative items

Supernu Mirror Decor in Bedroom

Our original Superno design is mounted onto our ICE frosted backing, which glimmers in the light and conforms to the hue of the wall, complimenting any wall surface and colour.
mirror beautiful leaf design

Detail of our Supernu Decorative Mirror in Living Room

We live by the saying, every chain is merely as strong as its weekest link, thanks to this we are all crazy about the little details. Every decorative interior design that we envision and produce is made to the highest standards of precision, craftsmanship and quality.

snow wall hung decor

Decorative Interior Wall Mounted Decoration in SNOW

Materials, materials, materials. We are always trying out new matterials, testing new methods of productions, experimenting with what is out there to bring out the best, most interesting interior design results.

decorative mirror interior

Mirror Supernu as Decorative Living Room Art

mirror furniture interior bedroom

Decorative Mirror in Living Room Close-Up Detail

Our Supernu interior design element is mounted to the surface of the wall on spacers with varying distances, however our most common choice is the half inch spacer.

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