Jagger Series

Mirror and Wood Abstract Home Interior Decoration

Jagger, a simple yet elegant series of abstract interior mirror and wood decor designs by designer Tad Davinci. Available in an array of variations, Jagger is known for its ability to create the illusion of an abstract window into another room. Whether it be through the dashing tear marks of a tiger's claw, or through a series of aztec'esq dashes, its ability to expand the dynamism of any interior is undeniable.

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Decorative Mirror Tiger Claw - Jagger Tiger Claw

Thaddeus Davinci's Tiger Claw bridges the natural with the synthetic by borrowing elements from nature, giving them a postmodern twist and bringing them into your home and office interior to help build depth and sophistication.

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Decorative Wood Abstract Interior Design - Jagger Pumpi (available in Mirror)

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Home Wood Decorative Interior Design - Jagger Pumpi (available in Mirror)

Support the world wide organic movement with this wooden 3D interior design. Available in many shades and finishes, as well as Mirror.
mirror abstract interior design

Mirror Home Decorative Interior Design in Living Room - Jagger Woo

This Aztec'esq mirror design brings glimmering movement into any home or office interior whether it be modern or contemporary.

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